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In 2005 abbeoo ltd was founded in purpose to deliver high tech IT products for the global market. Since the beginning abbeoo ltd recognized the potential of the Internet and its global networking. abbeoo ltd has its headquarters in the heart of Europe. Stable political environment, excelent infrastructure, years of know-how are just a few features of abbeoo ltd.

abbeoo ltd has Technology Centers in other countries such as Serbia, Brazil or in the United States of America to ensure, to have the closest distance to our customers and be able to deliver best quality possible.

Leverage core competencies to formulate innovative strategies and accelerate business innovation through radical simplification

[ our history]

is based on a 11-year success story so far. At the beginning standard application software for real-time data processing is developed. In 2006 abbeoo ltd completes its first financial realtime trading system based on a early stage version of the .Net jasmin framework and the FIX protocol. Short later abbeoo ltd begins operations on its own servers for the first time. Up until this point, its employees' development activities have been distributed across the abbeoo ltd technology centers. In 2007 abbeoo ltd introduces its joint Internet strategy with Microsoft. Since 2007 abbeoo ltd is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

in the comming years abbeoo ltd presents various Back Office and Web applications, where the response is highly positive. With its client-server Web Service concept, uniform graphical interface, dedicated use of relational databases, and support for servers from various manufacturers, abbeoo ltd is set to tap into new market potential: midsize companies, as well as the branch offices and subsidiaries of larger corporate groups. 

In 2012 abbeoo ltd extends its Online strategy by becoming an official Apple and Android developer partner. The results were the creation of many Business-to-Business Mobile application based on the new Web 2.0 strategy. In the same time abbeoo ltd invests a lot of effort to build jasmin, a meta data software framework for cloud based applications based on .Net and Microsoft open source strategy .Net Core.

2014 was the year of the first release of jasmin, the meta data software framework for cloud based applications. abbeoo ltd also introduced the using of NoSQL databases and a In-House developed In-Mermory database, enabling them to analyze data in seconds rather than the days or even weeks they would otherwise have needed. Based on Jasmin two new product line were introduced in 2015 and 2016, Hannibal and Morpheus. 

Hannibal is an inteligent fully featured reporting tool with a wide range of open source api's based on JSON. It can be integrated in almost any existing applications. Morpheus is a multifunctional Document Store with matrix search capabilities and multi key-value management.


The base aim is to introduce Jasmin into the market and to extend our product portfolio using Jasmin. In the same time we make our products more mature. 

Jasmin as the great simplifier, our customers are creating breakthroughs that solve complex, intractable problems. Jasmin also helps to seamlessly connect people and technology, real-time. 

Jasmin, our products, services and its tools will help us to grow continously. We are steady focused on new technologies to ease our customers processes and keep them in the market successfully compete.